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In order to transfer the data from the current mask into dongle, execute command Dongle | Write from the menu.

In the process recording of data, GrdUtil.exe will automatically transfer all information from the current mask into the dongle and correct the boundaries of hardware locks in case they are changed.

According to Guardant ideology the recording of data into the dongle memory areas protected by hardware locks for writing is impossible. For example, at the attempt to write into locked address from within the application, GrdWrite function will inform on successful completion of operation, whereas no recording is actually performed. 

Therefore every time you need to write the new data into protected area the dongle memory is completely rewritten. In this case, the following sequence of Guardant API operations is performed by GrdUtil.exe:

  • Dongle memory gets purged (GrdInit operation)
  • Information from the mask is written into the dongle (GrdWrite operation)
  • Hardware locks are set on the selected memory area (GrdProtect operation)

Correspondence of Mask and Dongle Types

The masks for the dongles of various types are different from each other. Therefore it is important to ensure that the right type of mask is written into a dongle (i.e. Sign/ Sign Net mask should be programmed into Guardant Sign/ Sign Net dongle). This rule should be observed in the vast majority of situations.

However in some cases you may need to record a mask of inappropriate type into a dongle.

But you should remember that recording an inappropriate mask into a dongle may lead to some serious limitations and difficulties in working with the dongle.

Working with Several Dongles

GrdUtil.exe can handle the situation when several dongles are connected to the computer ports. In this case executing Dongle | Write and Dongle | Batch mode menu commands opens Select dongle dialog box on the screen. This dialog box will display all dongles connected indicating their type, interface and ID. Select the required dongle from the list and click [ОК] to complete the operation.

Batch Writing Mode

In order to program a batch of dongles with the same parameters execute command Dongle | Batch mode from the menu:

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