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License table (License Management System, LMS) is a variation of protected item in which the common network resource of Guardant Sign Net/Time Net dongles is stored, as well as network resources of multimodular software complexes.

Only one license table can be stored in a single dongle.

The table’s address in the dongle’s memory is defined by the value indicated in kmTableLMS (29 SAM) field.

The table’s heading has the size of 2 bytes.

License table format of modern network dongles

The presence of license table in Guardant Sign Net/Time Net is mandatory, since it contains the real network resource of the dongle. The real dongle resource is lying in the first record of LMS. It is followed by records with module resources. 

The protected item data of license table type are placed into rs_K[] field (see the description of protected item descriptor):

Offset*Size, BValueDescription
00002LTLicense table signature
000220x0510LT version
00044CRCLC checksum, calculated using GrdCRC (-1)
00101LT number of entries 
00115ReservedNot used
00161 or 20-255 or 0-65535Real license limit
0017 or 00181 or 20-255 or 0-65535LMS

*Offset from rs_K[]

When programming a dongle using Guardant API, you need to write a value equal to the value of the main resource in the license table into Counter #2 field, since Counter #2 is required by the diagnostics utilities for displaying the information on the dongle.


License table format of Guardant Net II/ Net

The presence of license table for Guardant Net II/ Net dongles is mandatory only if it is necessary to license the application consisting of several modules.

Here the license table is responsible only for resource modules; the main network dongle resource is contained in Counter #2 field.

Guardant Net II/Net table format:

AddressSize, BytesValueDescription
00001Module size + table entries number 
00011ReservedNot used
00021 or 2Zero module resource 
0003 or 00041 or 21st module resource 
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